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Our Mission 

“Team Green! is dedicated to creating an earth-friendly environment at Berglund Center for its employees, community, clients, partners, and guests. We are committed to increasing green effort opportunities, reducing expenses, and advocating the importance of reducing, reduce, and recycle.” 

Staying Green at Home 


  • Buy phosphate-free detergent. Phosphates are a cause of oxygen depletion in water leading to the loss of aquatic life 
  • Line dry clothes, sheets, and towels outside as much as possible 
  • Only wash full loads of laundry 
  • Switch to the earth-friendly brand of laundry soap 
  • Use a drying rack for delicate or lightweight items 
  • Wash clothes in warm or cold water and you will use 80-85% less energy compared to using hot water. Only use hot water if you are washing out oily dirt or stains 


  • Arrange furniture to take advantage of natural light from windows 
  • Clean refrigerator gaskets regularly and vacuum the condenser coils twice a year. Your refrigerator will operate more efficiently and use less electricity 
  • Install dimmer switches where dimmed lighting makes sense (Ex. Dining Rooms, and hallways) Dimming a light by 25% saves an equal amount of energy 
  • Keep your freezer set at 3 degrees to conserve energy 
  • Keep your refrigerator set at 37 degrees and full to conserve energy 
  • Use a toaster oven for small jobs. It will use 1/3 to ½ as much energy as a full-size oven 
  • Use your microwave for cooking and reheating. This will reduce up to 70% of energy use