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Booking Information

To book an event or for additional booking information, please contact Robyn Schon for Sports and Live Entertainment Convention Sales at 540.853.6861.



  • One 60’ x 80’ StageRight stage, black TechStage 4-by-6-1/2 foot variable height, and 2 12-by-24 foot sound wings.
  • 4-foot StageRight free-standing mesh barricades.
  • Wenger portable riser platforms: 12 pieces. - 4’ x 8’ x 8”; 12 pieces. 4’ x 8’ x 16”; 12 pieces. 4’ x 8’ x 24”.


Steel beams are located 60 feet from the floor with access above steel for riggers. All rigging plans, including desired hanging points, must be submitted to the Berglund Center Event Services department prior to tickets going on sale.


  • 1800 amps power located in 3 backstage areas:
  • 3 400 amp, 208 vac. 3 phase / 60 hertz, west / stage end
  • 2 200 amp, 3 phase / 60 cycle, west / stage end
  • 1 200 amp, 3 phase/ 60 cycle, northeast corner
  • HVAC
  • Forced air steam heating
  • 800 tons of air-conditioning
  • Chilled water in air handlers


Public address system located in the high steel supported with 9 sound delay speakers.


  • 6 Carbon Arc Super Troupers
  • 2 Xenon Super Troupers 2k
  • 2 strong Xenon Gladiator 3k
  • Located on north, south, and east light bridges.

The Eclipse

The Eclipse is a half-house set-up using a house reduction curtain system. The Eclipse capacity is 4,276.

Sporting Equipment


  • Dashers
  • Glass
  • Net
  • Olympia ice resurfacing machine


  • Horner portable basketball floor
  • 2 BPI backstops with Porter backboards and goals


Seating Capacity

  • 10,600 In The Round (general admission); 10,500 Proscenium Stage; 8,672 Hockey; 5,626 Basketball. The Eclipse is a half-house set-up using a house reduction curtain system. Eclipse capacity is 4,276.

Tables & Chairs

  • Adequate inventory of tables and chairs to host most types of trade shows, concerts, and banquets.


Backstage Dining

A multi-purpose area is located backstage and can be used for dining for roadshows. Food service is available for up to 110 people.

Dressing Rooms

Five dressing rooms and one officials room, each equipped with bath and shower facilities, are located in the immediate backstage area. Additional rooms available with advanced request.

Loading Area

The loading area is located at the west end of the building. Two doors measuring 22' x 15' provide access to the arena floor.

CLUB 611

Club 611 is a private room located backstage and is open to Rail Yard Dawgs season ticket-holders and VIPs, as well as serving as the Green Room for most artists and tours.This uniquely appointed lounge pays homage to Norfolk & Western's famed 611 steam locomotive.We offer a menu of delectable foods and spirits created specifically for guests.The ambiance of this intimate lounge make visiting Club 611 memorable.Available for private rentals.

Production Office

There is one office located in the immediate backstage area equipped with three telephone lines and 1 cable TV outlet.

Seating Chart

Booking Information

To book an event or for additional booking information, please contact Robyn Schon for Sports and Live Entertainment Convention Sales at 540.853.6861.

The Red Room

A unique private room for promoters and artists to relax backstage before the big performance.

Dressing Rooms

7 rooms available, complete with toilet and shower. Separate offices/rooms available for the company and stage managers.

Dressing rooms located stage right:

Room Number

Square Feet


 1  117  3-4
 2  117  3-4
 3  117  3-4
 5  117  3-4
 5  117  3-4
 6 (Woman)  494  40
 7 (Men)  513  40



Loading Dock

  • One dock is 10-by-9 foot, 8 inches, capable of handling 2 tractor-trailers at a time
  • House has forklift and Genie available
  • May need to forklift to move soundboard through front of house, depending upon size
  • Trailers can be stored on-site at stage door
  • Security is available upon request

Orchestra Pit

  • One section, adjustable by hydraulic lift
  • Center line piano lift
  • Apron overhangs US wall of pit 4 feet and 4 inches (distance from the upstage wall of the orchestra pit to the downstage edge of the apron)


  • One Steinway Concert Grand - good condition
  • One Steinway Baby Grand - very good condition
  • One Yamaha Upright - good condition
  • Professional tuner available with advance notice


Located at rear stage corridor. One washer and dryer available upon request.

Wing Space

  • Storage for set pieces measured from proscenium opening to first obstruction
  • Stage Left Wing - 20-by-25 foot, patch board downstage
  • Stage Right Wing - 25-by-55 foot, fly ropes


2 full-service ticket offices are located in the BPAT.

Seating Capacity

  • Berglund Performing Arts Theatre (BPAT) seats 2,148
  • Orchestra - 1,281 (60 located in the pit)
  • Loge - 282
  • Balcony - 525
  • The BPAT can accommodate up to 16 wheelchairs for accessible seating


House Curtain

  • Manual, operates as a guillotine or traveler from stage right deck
  • 2 back drops - 1 black and 1 blue cycle
  • 4 sets of Legs: 30-by-12 feet, black.
  • 4 borders: 5-by-60 feet, black

Rigging System

  • Single purchase counter-weight system, hand operated
  • Up to 10,000 pounds available
  • 44 line sets. Arbors - 1,000 pound capacity for counter-weight system.
  • Chain hoists available via rental


  • House is equipped with a Soundcraft 200 Delta 24 x 4 x 2 mixing console located in the rear of the Theatre.
  • Soundboard has 12 inputs and 1 auxiliary output
  • There are 4 15 inch Altec 70v speakers
  • Lines are run to light booth, fly floor, sound booth, follow spots, stage right, stage left, house and projection room.
  • We also have an Otari MX5050 reel-to-reel, 7-1/2 ips and 15 ips
  • There is a Clear-com 3-pin intercom system
  • Cable can be run 215 feet from stage to road console in rear theater seating area
  • XLR connectors only

Permanent Installations

Over Stage

  • 1 10-foot movie screen
  • 1 traveler, located mid-stage Line 27
  • 2 electric pipes on Lines 5 and 43
  • 1 cyclorama
  • 1 fire curtain
  • All can be moved with advance notice except for the electric pipe.

On Deck

  • One 66’ loading bridge, located stage right grid
  • 1 adjustable proscenium


2 Strong Xenon Super Trooper 6k Follow Spots located in the rear balcony, not removable.

On Stage Lights That Can't Be Rehung

  • 12 - 12-by-22 inch 1 killowatt Major (2nd cove ceiling)
  • 2 - Strong Super Xenon (rear balcony)
  • 12 - 8 inch Leko Kleigs 750 watt (1st cove ceiling)
  • 12 - 6 inch (6-by-9) Lekos 750 watt (Stage slots - left and right - 6 per side)

Lights That Can Be Moved

  • 10 - 6 inch Fresnels 750 watt
  • 8 - Scoops 1000
  • 6 - 8 inch Fresnels 750 watt
  • 5 - ETC 190° (6-by-16) Leko
  • 2 - ETC 360° (6-by-9) Leko
  • 1 - 10 inch Fresnel 750 watt
  • 34 - (6 x 9) Lekos 750 watt
  • 4 - Beam Projectors 1000 watt
  • 36 - 1 kilowatt Par cans


The house has own dimmers and an ETC Insight lighting console with 108 channels. Board has 52-6kw, 8-12kw, 5-6kw and 5-12kw non-dim capacity. Circuits per dimmer varies according to wattage. Permanent FOH lighting controlled from lobby. House lights controlled from stage right and do not transfer to control stage lights.

Front of House Lighting

Front of House




Instrument Type


 1st Balcony Rail  12  1000  Major  Yes
 2nd Balcony Rail  12  1000  Major  Yes
 1st Cover Rail  0  0  N/A  N/A
 2nd cover Rail  8  750  Altman Lekos  Yes

Front of House Hanging Positions 


Distance to Proscenium

House Circuits

Connector Type

Front of House Transfer Circuits

 Stage  4 feet  8  Twist Lock  Yes
 Balcony  30 feet  8  Twist Lock  Yes
 1st Beam  64 feet  18  Twist Lock  Yes
 2nd Beam  80 feet  18  Twist Lock  Yes


  • Front of House transfer circuits indicates how many house circuits are readily picked up backstage for convenient dimmer rack patch.
  • Twist-lock 3-pin ground (can convert to stage pin) old-style, pin out the twist. 3 400 amp circuits available on stage for Road Board use. 110 and 220 voltage available for boards

Booking Information

To book an event or for additional booking information, please contact Robyn Schon for Sports and Live Entertainment Convention Sales at 540.853.6861. Berglund Special Events Center is southwest Virginia’s premier location for trade shows, conferences, meetings, and more!

About The Special Events Center

Berglund Special Events Center opened in March 2007 and has become a popular destination for meeting planners and clients from as far away as Vancouver. With 46,000 square feet of exhibit space, it’s just the right size for events of all types.  Berglund Special Events Center is a complement to the existing venues which can provide additional space or overflow for larger shows and conventions.

Space Dimensions


  • 46,000 square feet total
  • 300-by-150 feet with 6 columns
  • Ceiling height is 32 feet


  • 8-by-10 foot booths = 273 (booths without concessions = 281)
  • 10-by-10 foot booths = 229 (booths without concessions = 237)


Pre-Function Area

Available as a lobby for guests entering the Center


  • two permanent concession stands located on both the north and south walls
  • Portables also available for additional points of sale

Ticket Offices

two ticket offices - 1 at the north entrance and 1 at the south entrance


  • two sets of men’s and women’s restrooms in and near the Special Events Center,
  • one set of men’s and women’s restrooms located in the Pre-Function Area located on the north wall

Show Offices

Three show offices are available for use by clients.

Handicap Access

Elevator for wheelchairs is accessible through the Lobby in the Pre-Function Area

Data & Electrical

  • Wireless internet available
  • Each floor box is equipped with electrical, phone, and data lines and 1 100 amp service
  • Public Address (PA) system - 2) floor jacks (1 on south end and 1 on north end)
  • Electronic message kiosk in the pre-function area
  • The sound system may be patched into the Coliseum and Exhibit Hall
  • 5-disc CD changer available
  • 1 200 amp cam-lock service on the north end

Load-In Area

  • 2 large load-in areas located on the north end (12-by-12 feet and 10-by-11 feet)
  • 2 large load-in areas located on the west end (both are 12-by-14 feet) (Interstate 581 side)
  • Lighting
  • Overhead lighting with dimming capabilities

Booking Information

To book an event or for additional booking information, please contact Robyn Schon for Sports and Live Entertainment Convention Sales at 540.853.6861.

Exhibit Hall & Meeting Rooms

Berglund Hall is a highly versatile room that can transform from large exhibit space to a banquet room to a lecture hall. Perfect for groups of 100-1,500. There are 3 additional breakout meeting rooms adjacent to the Hall, perfect for small gatherings, meetings, seminars, and receptions. Room capacities range from 25 to 75, depending on set-up.


Square Feet

# of 8-by-10 Foot Booths 

Banquet Seated/Buffet


 Exhibit Hall  14,396  100  700/800  1,500
 Inside Columns  10,000      
 Parlor A  900  7    90
 Parlor B  900  7    90
 Parlor C  459  4    50
 Parlor D  476  5    50