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Raising Money in a New Way

Do you need to raise money for your school, club, or organization but you want to get away from the same old fundraising programs? Tired of just selling candy? We can help!

How It Works

How does it work? Very simple!

  1. Set up a group sales reservation with us at the discounted group ticket.
  2. Sell the tickets at their regular price.
  3. Earn money!


For example, let's say the regular price for the ticket is $40, but the discounted group rate is $30.  If you order 30 tickets @ $30 each, you pay $900.  Then you sell them for $40 each and earn $300 for your group.  It's that simple!

Set Up Your Fundraising Opportunity

It’s an easy and new way to raise money for your charity, club, or group. People will want to buy tickets to the events coming to Berglund Center and your group members get to save money while earning money.


Call us today at 540.853.5382 or e-mail us at groups@theberglundcenter.com